Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 by C.R.Hiatt (Excerpt)

Here I have an excerpt from C.R.Hiatt's brilliant novel, Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00.

"I was busy typing in the terms: private clubs, underground clubs and secret societies on my
Blackberry, and reading through the links when something else caught my attention. A black
Hummer with three men inside, drove past me and turned into the alley behind the club, and
parked. A Hummer was a popular vehicle in Sutter Beach because of the military and naval
bases, so it wasn't the car that got my attention. It was the suspicious way the occupants
surveyed the surroundings.
The driver was the first to exit the vehicle. He stood with his back to the car and did a cursory
glance of the area. He was over six-­feet-­tall with a wide-­barreled chest and a thick neck. Once he
made sure the area was cleared, he sent a signal to the front seat passenger. Then, the front-­seat
passenger exited in the same fashion. He searched the area for anything suspicious. At the same
time, his right hand reached inside his jacket and rested on his hip. He was packing heat -­ a gun.
Both men were dressed in black jeans, black leather jackets and black jump boots. When he, too,
concluded the area was clear, he opened the back-seat door. I couldn't help but laugh.
On instinct, I looked around for cameras. This had to be a movie scene. The guy that stepped
out was early twenties, and looked like Angel in a scene from Buffy and the Vampire Slayer. He
was wearing a black leather trench coat -­ it was eighty-­something degrees outside. He had thick-­
black hair, slicked back, not a strand out of place and his skin was perfectly bronzed. It looked
like it was spray-­painted on.
I zoomed in with the camera to get a close up. All three of them walked into the back door of The Devil's Door, looking like they were ready for a shakedown. I pegged the two muscle men as bodyguards. But, who were they protecting? And why did he need protecting? I took a look at
the license plate, and was somewhat surprised to see they were from Mexico. It was about a two-­
hour drive to San Diego, where you could cross the border into Mexico. I wrote down the plate
number, and added the other sports cars to the list. I may not have much information on David Klein, yet, but the guests at the Devil's Door were sure drawing my attention. What the heck kind of club was this place?

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