Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Book with No Name - Anonymous

Title: The Book with No Name
Author: Anonymous

This book is an adult book about a town called Santa Mondega, vampires, monks, an Elvis impersonating hitman, and a serial killer called the Bourbon Kid.

The plot was amazing in this novel! I think that the depth of the mystery in this book and the gore, contrasted with humourous dialogue and situations. Just the synopsis on the back of the book made me buy this and I toally understand why it is a number 1 international best seller. The plot was helped by the characters and writing and everything tied together really well.

The characters in this are not as well developed as they would be in other novels but I think that it was not needed because reading it, I was still interested in all of them in different ways. The chapters switch focus to different characters throughout the novel and I think that this shift in focus helps the reader get a better image of what is going on and helps you to try to figure out the mystery on your own as well as reading it unfold.

The writing definitely makes this an adult book rather than a young adult. The language used and the amount of gory details that are provided make this a very visual read and some parts would definitely not be suitable for younger readers. The short chapters made this book very fast paced, as did the changing perspectives. The writing propelled the story along at a good pace and the cliffhanger chapter endings made me want to just keep reading.

Overall I would definitely give this book 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to any adult reader who is a fan of a good murder mystery. I finished this in 2 days and found myself not wanting to put this book down.

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