Monday, May 14, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman (PART 1)

I've not posted on this blog in a while as I have been concentrating on getting all of my work finished by my deadline tomorrow! I've managed to get everything done so I thought that I'd do a review on the first few short stories in the Smoke and Mirrors collection by Neil Gaiman.
Title: Smoke and Mirrors

Author: Neil Gaiman

Publication information: Review (2005)

I found even the introduction an interesting and important part of this book. The reasoning and origin of all the short stories, provided by Neil Gaiman, gives great insight and background to the stories you are about to read and the story that is included in the introduction has a strong message and, although confusing at points, it has a haunting effect on the reader.

This is the first short story in the book and follows Mrs Whitaker and the strange happenings that occur when she happens across the Holy Grail in a charity shop. This is a very lighthearted and humourous story helped by the character of Mrs Whitaker. She is a typical old lady who likes looking after people and making tea and I think that this made Chivalry an extremely quick and easy read.

The Price
I didn't really enjoy this story. Despite the message in it, I did not find this very engaging at all and to be honest, I forgot the plot almost immediately after reading it.

Troll Bridge
This is definitely my favourite of the three stories I have read so far. I love the main character and of course the intrigue surrounding the troll under the bridge. I think that it is a very interesting story with a sad ending, but definitely worth the read.

I don't know how much more of this book I will get read before I have to return it to the library so I'm unsure if I will be reviewing any more of it, but overall, I would love to read more and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys short stories or Neil Gaiman's writing.

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